So, hello from Robin Raven.

Thank you for stopping by my little home on the web. 

If you've come to the "About" page, I guess you want to know more about me...and why this site is here.

First of all, I love writing more than (almost) anything, and I have several projects in the works. I wrote my first novel by hand when I was seven. Quite some time has passed since then, and I am finally ready to share my fiction. Santa's First Vegan Christmas, my debut children's book, was traditionally published in 2016. I am still overjoyed and grateful about this news!

I've also written a lot of non-fiction. I have been published in books, magazines, websites, and newspapers. If you'd like to read some of my articles, here's where you can find a few of them: 

I was thrilled to write the biography page for the official website of Melissa Gilbert. It was such an honor to contribute to her page. She has had it published on her page (with updates, of course) for over a decade now. That's one of my biggest joys as a writer so far.

I was delighted to interview Chloe Lattanzi for The Malibu Times. She is a talented musical artist with a heart of gold, and she recently had a hit music video with her mom Olivia Newton-John. 

I am over the moon about writing for LoveToKnow. It's one of my favorite websites to read online, so I am honored that they let me write for them. You can see my profile on the company's website here.

I've written articles for Friends of Animals. Here is one of them: Looking Ahead: Examining the Ethics of Energy. I also loved contributing to the newsletter of the equally awesome Primarily Primates.

I have written for Yahoo! News on several occasions, and I love all things to do with travel and travel writing. Several of my pieces have been published by USA Today. You may opt to read a few if you'd like. Perhaps you want to know about Magic Kingdom Tips, Grants for Traveling, or 

Greg Rikaart, a star of The Young and the Restless, shared a post I wrote for Yahoo! TV. He also told everyone on Twitter that I deserved a Pulitzer Prize for my article. Of course, he was probably (okay, definitely) joking. After all, the article recommended that everyone follow him. But, still, you know, that may be the only time someone tells me that I deserve Pulitzer Prize, so I'll totally take that. What fun!

I had two original vegan recipes published in Bone-A-Fied Delicious, which is the official cookbook of the Sarah Booth Delaney mystery series by the marvelous Carolyn Haines. All proceeds from that book went to the Good Fortune Farm Refuge

Sometimes I review the work of others. The Vegetarian Times published my interview/review of Vegan Meals for One or Two, and Mother Jones featured part of a review I wrote about Alice Hoffman, one of my favorite authors.

Thanks for taking this journey through some of my adventures. I have many more, so I will be adding to this page over time. I feel immense gratitude for all the clients I've had so far!

If you're in need of a writer, feel free to contact me. I accept new clients when time permits as long as I feel that I am the right fit for your project. As you can probably tell, I adore writing, and I hope that shines through in the work that I do. 


If you'd like to know more, feel free to reach out to me via the social media pages that are linked at the bottom of this page.